The Bunny Bunch Journey

Here is our journey: 

There were too many ideas to choose from. We had many ideas. From making a can drive, making handmade children’s books, painting on Craved Teahouse’s wall, making inspirational quotes to make someone’s day, making a recycling project, planning an assembly about high school for the Masuda Middle School students, reading books for the little childrem in Cox Elementary School, working at this cat shelter, and volunteering at Bunny Bunch. There were so many options to choose from, but we narrowed them down and we chose this! Continue reading

The Story of My Learning: BRAWL

Not debating in a while was a bit scary and nerve-racking at the same time. I remember the last time I had a debate. My heart was pounding and I was shaking. However, this debate, BRAWL, was a new learning experience for me. Continue reading

My Journey Through Blogging

Through this exciting journey of blogging, I’ve learned many interesting things. I found myself expressing my feelings and myself throughout my blogs.

I learned that I could start expressing my feelings in my blogs instead of keeping them cooped up. I got to work on my writing skills more. I learned new topics that we had to focus on like making the title eye-catching, having better and specific tags, using fragments, ellipsis, em dashes, and aposiopesis. Also, I learned to start with a story or anecdote that relates to my topic. There were many other things that I’ve learned and I really liked using the Tune It Up Tuesday topics. These topics will really help me in the future by helping me write better essays, etc. But…

This journey has had ups and downs. Sometimes I would be write my blog post and then I would be deleting that content again because it didn’t feel right. I would then just think of other possibilities and new ideas that would connect with my topic. I personally thought this blogging experience was super fun and stressful at the same time. I was stressed out a few times because I would always have writer’s block.

writer 1

After a while, I would be like this.

writer 2

During this blogging experience, I really enjoyed writing this post. I believe that I put my heart and soul into this one. And now that I think about it, if I could go back in time and change my website, I would change it to a different and broader subject instead of just focusing on imagination, dreams, and believe.

For next year’s bloggers, I would totally tell them to just be yourself and write whatever you believe is right and keep on dreaming in life because there will be great things in the future.

Also, I suggest that you give them more inspiration before writing a new blog post and you should make more topics to focus on so the new bloggers would have a different perspective in writing their blogs.

Looking back through the year, I see how I accomplished such a new thing, blogging. At the end, my blog journey was incredible and I would definitely continue blogging. Let’s start a new journey!


When I Graduate High School…

When I graduate high school. I loved how you talked about your future and what you are thinking of doing in the future. In my future, I really hope almost the same things as you and I would want to do so many things in my life and live life to the fullest. While reading this, it made me think of what my future would be like and what I would want to do after high school and when I graduate. Yes and when you mentioned about having a dream, that made me think about my dreams and will they ever come true. I always say to myself that, “Dreams do come true.” And when I believe in that I believe that anything can happen in the future. There are many possibilities in your and my future. We just have to believe and keep on dreaming.

a busy mind

When I graduate high school, I always had the dream of travelling with my friends. I want to go somewhere different, somewhere excluded and isolated. I want to enjoy the presence of the ones I love and spend more time with them. I genuinely think that the friends I have now in high school will stick with me and always have a place in my heart. I also want to say goodbye to them, if they’re leaving for school or if I am going out of state.


When I graduate high school, I want to meet new people, go out more, and be more social. I want to experience relationships and heartbreaks, betrayal, and love. I want to be able to say “I love you” to my significant other. I want to go on spontaneous dates or hangouts with friends and just chill. I want to be able to have…

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The Two of Them

My childhood was filled with life, love, wonder, and laughter. I remember the time when I would snuggle up in my bed with my sister by my side and my mom would read us a bedtime story. I always loved listening to bedtime stories especially the ones that I really liked. I had many books to choose from. But I remember that I chose The Two of Them by Aliki

the two of them Continue reading

The One that Got Away

I remember the day when we were playing together. I remember all the fun moments we had together. I remember your face when you were smiling. I remember…

It was the first day of kindergarten. I remember sitting on the purple row of the rainbow carpet. I felt everyone’s eyes on me because all the parents were there to see what the first day of school in your lifetime would be like. I was awkward and I was nervous. Then something magical happened. You came along and you plopped down right next to me. You greeted me with your sincere smile and I knew something has changed. Continue reading